🎬 😂 Bio-pics with a difference 😂 🎬

If you’re wracking your brains, trying to think of a TOTALLY UNIQUE, PERSONALISED, LONG-LASTING present for someone special, I have an idea.

Why not commission a short film (maybe 5-7 mins.) that tells the story (truthfully or not 😂) of that person’s life?

Just tell me about the characteristics, the habits and the peculiarities that make this person who they are.  Give me their home movies, their photos and some favourite music tracks.   And finally – persuade a few family members, friends and colleagues to record some amusing anecdotes.  Then, with as much or as little input from yourself as you feel appropriate,  I’ll give you an exclusive, one-of-a-kind film that can be anything from an hilarious, fictitious and irreverent mickey-take to a serious, respectful tribute or romantic homage.  The choice is entirely yours.  You know the person, you know the audience and you’ll be perfectly placed to know what will work both at the event and as a keep-sake to be shared and enjoyed for generations to come. 

Significant birthdays . . . a ‘watch party’ with friends and family around the world . . .  weddings . . . a present for someone who has everything . . . a retirement party . . . a celebration of someone’s life.   Mark these or any other special occasion with a totally unique, personalised film that can be mercilessly irreverent, a serious tribute or something in between – light-hearted yes – but ultimately a kind and well-meaning appreciation of a person you really care for.

So why get me to do this?

I have been a professional film-maker / story-teller for nearly all of my working life and if you believe that your special person and their special event deserve more than a hastily assembled bunch of wobbly, self-shot, un-edited, in-audible video clips, then I would love to help you produce a properly crafted little film that does justice to both the subject and the event.  And what’s more, you have my word that I will apply the same care and attention to your film as I have to every job I have ever done.

Unfortunately I can’t show you examples of previous films as each one is private – and in any case, the jokes and the characterisation mean nothing to those who don’t know the individual featured in the film.

I can however share what one happy client said recently . . .

“I asked Nick to make a film for my husband’s 50th and I was delighted with the results. The film is very funny with a gentle but humorous narrative that strikes a great balance of ribbing and respecting the subject. My husband laughed loudly all the way through and was in tears by the end! Brilliant – I can definitely recommend” KW 06/20

As a parting shot – think what you’d spend on a party band – 2 hours of (hopefully) amazing music and they’re gone . . .  nothing more than a memory.  BUT a tailor-made film that can be as funny or as serious as you want to make it, and which can be sent around the world as a digital file, shared with any number of people and watched time and time again for years to come – isn’t that a worthwhile present you’d like to give? 

Do get in touch and we can chat through some ideas 🙂

e. nick@dreamchaserfilms.co.uk

t. + 44 (0) 7860 152703

Take care