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Since my first job in the film business, working as a runner in Soho, I’ve worked, amongst other things, as a yacht skipper, musician, truck driver, and horse trainer. Why? Because film-making & photography has become about as reliable a way to make a living as trying to be fighter […]



En route through the North West Passage, we were lucky enough to hang out with these beautiful Beluga whales in Leopold Bay on the north eastern corner of Somerset Island. One of the most vocal of all whales and dolphins, the Beluga’s musical vocalisations are so exuberant that they can […]



Had the extraordinary good fortune recently to spend time with some incredible animals in Canada’s Great Bear Rain Forest – including some quite majestic grizzly bears. As omnivores, grizzlies will eat anything nutritious they can find, eating up to 40 kg of food every day. Their diet varies depending on […]

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Every cloud . . .

I had the rare misfortune to be woken at dusk this morning by one of the dogs who desperately needed to get outside.    Simultaneously cursing the animal while realising it was a stunningly beautiful morning, I decided to go in search of a foal that I’d failed to find […]